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Award-Winning Short Film - The Rhapsody

Exasperated at being stuck on a piano Rhapsody he's been writing for seven years, Sol pushes himself over the edge, having an hallucination of a mysterious young woman (Katherine Pawlak of Lonely Girl 15). Soon, Sol discovers that he has brain tumors, and a risky operation is his only means of survival. Initially deciding to go through with the surgery, things change when he meets Sofia, the woman from his vision. She urges Sol not to have the operation because the tumors aren't what they seem. Unable to fathom her strange appearance, he starts out to discover the nature of these events - unearthing what The Rhapsody really is.

The Rhapsody is now being made available completely free. This award-winning short film was publicly endorsed by Ridley Scott, "A work of sensitivity and insight. Refreshingly clever." He went on to say about its writer-director, Max Cusimano, "Watch out for this guy in the future. He's the real thing." Rutger Hauer - who played a small role in it - included it in his Milan festival and said the following about it, "Ah... man. Such a pearl. Moving. Haunting. Fresh. A gentle, solid concert of a true original filmmaker." The film also features great performances by Nick Bennett and Katherine Pawlak.